clouding the cloud

It sort of strikes me as fascinating that all these cloud architectures, from CloudStack to OpenStack and pretty much any other IaaS fails to scale itself. We're told to think about horizontal scalability, and create fault-tolerant, no single point-of-failure systems, and then we're told the backend DB is MySQL, and the cloud services are centralized. That's just crazy.


on a good api

It strikes me as sort of odd that projects like OpenStack have such an icky set of internals. While I can get the whole "community aspect" of FOSS development, and the relative lack of direction set forth by a few people, I can't get my head around how the API is so ungodly slow, I'm forced to bypass it altogether.


ubuntu saucy salamander released

And I've already upgraded. How about you? I remember back when release upgrades were a long, and complicated ordeal. Nowadays, it's as easy as a simple invocation of your distro's upgrade command, and then a lot of waiting. Only time will tell if everything (especially configuration files) are still sane...


data liberation is important

As we cruise down that old information superhighway, it should be increasingly easy to take the next exit and get off it. It's 2013, and I'm still surprised that sites today (like don't have the ability to delete your profile as part of the standard UI. Kudos to Google and Monster.

flask makes me happy

I love Flask. It just does everything I want it to, way easier than most web frameworks. If you're looking for a web framework that doesn't overdo it, that's high-level enough but super-flexible, you should check them out. Your web stack could be simplified to a few hundred lines of code.

it's all about the look

There are so many great fonts out there, and a lot of free ones are getting good. Like this font here, "Fira". Why not grab it for yourself?


idempotence is hard

I decided to create an install script for nginx which works on a variety of Unix platforms, but that is much more complete, and (hopefully) idempotent.
View the code on GitHub.


quality isn't hard

Reminder: It's 2013. If you create a video this year, and upload it to YouTube, it should be in 1080p. - a CoreAudio converter

I wanted a way to convert flac files to AAC, using Apple's CoreAudio encoder, which is quite better than FAAC, that was multithreaded. None existed, so I wrote one.